Dolphin Integration launches audio converters

PARIS — Dolphin Integration SA, French provider of embedded memories and audio converters in the form of intellectual property cores, has introduced digital audio converters (DACs) for resident consumer applications.

Dolphin Integration (Meylan, France) noted that its loDAC family of audio converters relies on PWM conversion to drive external Class-D and Class-AB power amplifiers.

The French company said it proposes its audio converters with various signal to noise ratios (SNR) to target a larger set of applications, from the entry level set-top-box up to the high-end DVD player requiring 5.1 channel processing with a SNR up to 110 dB.

“The increasing volume of SoCs fabricated for such applications makes the integration of the audio DAC highly competitive,” stated Jean-François Pollet, chief innovation officer at Dolphin Integration. “Moreover, fables companies praise such DACs for the ease of their integration into large logic SoCs, usually known as very noisy for analog converters.”

Moving to Dolphin Integration's solutions, Pollet underlined the fact that they embed a clock management system to enable the synchronization between audio and video frequencies.

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