Dolphin Integration rolls stem optimized for low leakage

PARIS — EDA and IP company Dolphin Integration SA (Meylan, France) has introduced an additional stem optimized for low leakage, LL-BTF.

The LL-BTF, Dolphin Integration claimed, enables to divide the leakage by a ratio of up to 30 compared to the High Density optimized stem (HD-BTF).

The LL-BTF stem differentiates itself from conventional libraries because the company said the SESAME stems are cell-mixable for the synthesizer to provide a better trade-off between density, speed, dynamic power and leakage.

Depending on the applications and on the leakage constraint, users have the flexibility to either implement their SoC with LL-BTF alone or to mix LL-BTF with HD-BTF or even HS-BTF, the goal being to fully optimize leakage versus density or speed.

Dolphin Integration specified that HD-BTF stem optimized for high density is available for major foundries in the 180nm, 130nm and 65nm technological processes.

Next on the list is the speed optimized stem, and the Grenoble-based company noted that the HS-BTF is under development to complete the catalog in the 130nm and 65nm technological processes.

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