Dolphin Integration unveils Helium audio converter

PARIS — EDA and IP company Dolphin Integration SA (Meylan, France) claimed it has released a digital audio converter (DAC) that combines ultra-low power consumption and low bill-of-material with high audio quality.

Dolphin Integration said its Helium audio DAC consumes, in playback mode, 2.14 mA for the DAC and its Class AB amplifier.

The company specified that this ultra-low power consumption is achieved thanks to the DAC core architecture, referred as Helium, which consumes 1.1 mA while starring a SNR up to 95 dB.

As for the Bill-of-Material, the company claimed that its Class AB amplifier is “inexpensive”. In a capacitor-coupled configuration, only one capacitor is needed at each audio output.

Dolphin Integration concluded that an audio converter based on Helium is proposed as a stand-alone audio DAC or as part of audio CODEC configurations. Processes from 130 nm G down to 65 nm LP are supported – ready to launch the 55-nm and 40-nm variants.

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