Dolphin launches power management silicon IP

Dolphin Integration, based in Meylan in France and Montral, Canada, has launched a range of silicon IP switching regulators that boast a reduced bill of materials thanks to their inductorless architecture. It's the first time an inductorless architecture has been used in silicon IP, claims Dolphin Integration.

The power transistors within the SRI and SRO products are said to produce no more substrate noise than a digital circuit of the same size, and their switching frequency may be programmed to avoid sensitive frequency ranges. This means that the IP can be integrated close to sensitive analog components on a SoC floorplan. Dolphin Integration suggests that they make the ideal power supply for a low power SoC working on battery, as their efficiency ” which tended to depend on the value of external components ” can now be maintained over the input voltage range and output current range.

The SRI and SRO IP will be available in various configurations and process nodes for direct connection to battery and USB port or low voltage applications. For more information, visit Dolphin Integration’s website

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