Dongbu HiTek rolls BCDMOS PDK

SAN JOSE, Calif. — South Korean analog foundry vendor Dongbu HiTek has rolled out what it calls a Low Vgs BCDMOS process design kit (PDK).

The kit enables chips with gate-to-source voltages in LDMOS transistors from 12V to standard 3.3/5.0V levels, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated 12V power supply.

The new PDK is now being used by several manufacturers to facilitate the implementation of compact BCDMOS chips at the 0.35-micron node.

“In addition to taking our best-in-class BD350 process and optimizing LDMOS power transistors to operate at CMOS Vgs levels, our versatile PDK supports operating voltages up to 60V. Moreover, it also delivers competitive advantages in terms of high-speed data transfer and power efficiency,” said Jae Song, Dongbu HiTek's vice president of sales and marketing.

Tanner EDA, a division of Tanner Research Inc. (Monrovia, Calif.), and analog foundry specialist Dongbu HiTek of South Korea recently teamed to develop foundry-certified process development kits (PDKs) for critical process nodes.

In addition, Dongbu HiTek recently said that its high voltage BCDMOS technology was used to develop and process new LED driver ICs that were developed in collaboration with Addtek, a Taiwanese fabless company. Supporting 60V and higher applications, the LED drivers now shipping in volume to Addtek are ideal for controlling the back light unit (BLU) in flat-panel TFT-LCD televisions.

It also recent said that high volume shipments of audio amplifier ICs are now underway to DMB Technology Co. Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company based in Korea. Processed with BCDMOS technology at the 0.35-micron node, the audio amplifiers being manufactured at Dongbu HiTek's fab are designed to operate at 5V instead of 12V to reduce power consumption.

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