Downconverter aims at satellite set-tops

Palm Bay, Fla. – Intersil says its ISL6405 dual-output low-noise block (LNB) downconverter supply and control voltage regulator IC can save board space, parts count and cost for satellite set-top-box manufacturers. The chip is billed as the only IC needed to provide independent power and functional control for two LNB modules located on the antenna of a two-channel satellite receiver.

The dual-output device includes two current-mode boost pulse-width modulation controllers and two low-noise linear regulators. Each of the two independent power and control circuits puts out either 13 or 18 Vdc for LNB power. Voltage compensation is realized through line length compensation. The chip delivers simultaneous output current of 750 mA per channel. Internal overtemperature protection and diagnostics are provided, as are dynamic overcurrent and short-circuit protection. Efficiency is greater than 92 percent, and no heat sink is required.

The ISL6405 uses an industry-standard I2C interface to control internal functions. An internal 22-kHz tone generator provides the capability to superimpose DiSEqC 1.1 coding on the supplies for LNB and antenna control.

The device is available now in both a 28-pin EPSOIC and a 32-pad QFN package. In lots of 100, the EPSOIC (ISL6405EEB) is priced at $2.20 each and the QFN (ISL6405ER) at $2.35.

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