Drag and Drop Web Design Launches at LeWeb

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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO , Dec. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — PageLines today has launched the PageLines 2.0 web design platform at the LeWeb tech conference in Paris, France . PageLines 2.0 is the next version of the popular drag & drop web design framework built on top of WordPress.

Platform Pro was downloaded over 400,000 times from and over 16,000 people have become Pro members of PageLines community.

PageLines 2.0 will launch with the PageLines Store, an “app store” for web design. The Store will allow anyone on PageLines to quickly download and install new professional sections, plug-ins and themes built for PageLines. It's a development team in a box with the power of drag & drop web design.

Drag & Drop Web Design without Limits

The framework includes more than 50 new features: improved drag & drop design, full page-by-page section control, responsive design, dynamic color handling and core sections for feature sliders, image carousels, highlight sections and so much more. With the addition of the PageLines store users can take their sites so much further.

The Store is a marketplace for drag-and-drop web design (think of it like an “app store” for drag-and-drop sections, plug-ins and themes). The Store gives users the ability to buy new sections, plug-ins and themes for their site directly from the admin interface. It's just what you need to extend your website, when you need it. All with the flexibility of drag & drop web design.

Andrew Powers , founder of PageLines says, “We have seen people build great stuff on PageLines but we realized they are stuck with what we gave them. We looked at the best ideas and realized that PageLines would need to do for web sites, what Apple did for mobile devices.”

How the Store can Help Developers?

For developers, the PageLines Store offers them the opportunity to gain exposure to the entire PageLines community. Developers build their own products, set the price and collect 70% of every sale they make. Over 100 developers have already signed up to develop for the Store and 25 products have been built in three weeks.

Building a Developer Community

Leading up to launch PageLines announced a competition dubbed “LeContest” to reward the pioneering developers in the Store.

The top three developers to build products for the Store won the chance to join PageLines, and launch their Store products, at the LeWeb tech conference in Paris, France .

Kyle Stewart , VP of Operations at PageLines said, “LeContest was a chance to connect deeper with the growing community of developers around PageLines. We hosted workshops, ran Skype chats, spent late nights building new developer videos, anything we could do to engage the new community. PageLines is providing the tools, features and community to create an ecosystem for designers, developers and people who need their own professional website.”


The new framework will be sold via the PageLines website, and the cost for the Professional Edition will be $197 allowing users to build sites on any domain that they personally own. The Developer Edition, will be available for $397 and comes without the PageLines logo, provides vector graphics, will include integrations for Mediawiki and Vanilla forum software and allows user to build an unlimited number of sites.

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