Driver for high-powered LEDs

Texas Instruments has introduced a 4.5 to 52V LED driver that can drive multiple high powered LEDS when the input voltage is less than the voltage required to turn on the LEDS. The device can be used for brightness control and in inverter implementations, as demonstrated at the 2008 Light+Building show in Frankfurt.

The TPS40211 is a wide-voltage, non-synchronous boost controller that has been designed for applications where the output is a regulated current instead of a regulated voltage. Current mode control is said to improve transient response and simplify loop compensation.

Features include a programmable closed soft start, over current protection with automatic retry and a programmable oscillator frequency. Designers can choose to use the TPS40211 for boost, flyback, SEPIC and various LED driver topologies.
The TPS40211, already shipping in volume, is available in either a 10pin PowerPAD or a 10pin SON package.

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