dSpace expands signal generator for ECU tests

dSpace GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) has added new options to its DS2302 Direct Digital Synthesis Board. The enhancements aim at more powerful signal generation, enhancing the range of application cases, in particular when it comes to simulate intelligent wheel speed sensors.

The new APU slave interface (APU = angular processing unit) for each channel on the board, together with the Fast Analog Capturing Module optional extension, obtain an even more precise measurement of injection control voltages. This makes it easier to calculate the injection quantities for direct-injection engines, even with variable valve lift.

The board's enhanced performance boost is derived from its enlarged memory and from new signal processors (TMS320VC33) that push its speed up to two and a half times faster than that of its predecessor.

dSPACE's DS2302 Direct Digital Synthesis Board for simulating complex sensor signal forms is equipped with six digital signal processors (DSPs) and is designed for the fast, flexible generation of curve behaviors. It computes each signal sample just-in-time and outputs it immediately. The signal parameters can easily be changed on-the-fly by a master processor board or from the host PC. Data exchange between the main application and an application running on one of the six DSPs is done by C programs, which users can either create themselves or put together from a range of existing programs.

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