DTG5000 Series Data Timing Generator

The DTG5000 Series combines the power of a data generator with the capabilities of a pulse generator in a versatile, bench-top form factor, shortening the duration of complex test procedures and simplifying the generation of low-jitter, high-accuracy clock signals, parallel or serial data across multiple channels. Its modular platform allows you to easily configure the performance of the instrument to your existing and emerging needs to minimize equipment costs.

For more information, see below reference materials or visit Tektronix' DTG5000 Series Web site.

Additional Resources:

Title File

Data Timing Generator
203 KB
Data Sheet

HDMI Compliance and Sink Characterization Using the DTG5000 Series Data Timing Generator
2519 KB
Application Note

Jitter Generation Techniques For Serializer-Deserializer Compliance Testing
2703 KB
Application Note

DTG5000 Series Data Timing Generator Supports Challenging PCI Express RX Tests
1055 KB
Application Note

A Designer's Guide to Serial Transmitter and Receiver Measurements
PDF Application Note

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