Dual 100V linear regulator saves board space, cost

Milpitas, Calif.—Intersil Corp. has developed what it says is the industry's first dual 100V linear regulator.

The ISL6719 provides steady, accurate voltage for a wide variety of applications such as telecommunications and networking systems. The ISL6719 handles the functions of up to 15 discrete components, but its small 3 x 3 millimeter high thermal performance DFN package means it requires less than half the board space of a comparable product based on discrete chips, according to Intersil.

The ISL6719 is intended for use as a single start up linear regulator in isolated power designs, or as a dual output bias supply for point-of-load regulators in telecom and datacom applications.

The ISL6719 is available in a 9 Ld 3 x 3mm DFN package in quantities of 100 to 999 for $1.25, or in a 9 Ld 3 x 3 DFN T+R package for $1.27.

Datasheet: click here.

Intersil Corp.,

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