Dual analog switch doubles ESD withstand level

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp.'s dual analog switch features less than 0.5-ohm on-resistance R(ON)across the input signal range, and very low R(ON) flatness.

In addition, the device features improved electrostatic discharge (ESD) capability, which offers more than double the withstand level of competing products, according to Intersil.

The dual analog switch is offered in very small packages, making it suitable for battery-powered, handheld and portable equipment. The bi-directional, dual single-pole, single-throw (SPDT) analog switch is designed to operate from a single +1.65 V to +4.5 V supply, allowing it to operate directly off a lithium ion battery supply.

The switch is a guaranteed break-before-make, committed dual SPDT switch, comprising two normally open (NO) and two normally closed (NC) switches; this configuration allows the switch to be used as a dual 2-to-1 multiplexer. This part may be used to “mux-in” additional functionality such as FM radio or MP3 audio capability, while reducing design risk.

When operated from a 3.3-V supply, the device has a typical R(ON) flatness of 0.03 ohms, making it practical for use in low distortion audio paths found in MP3 players, advanced cell phones and CD audio devices.

The digital logic input is 1.8-V logic compatible when using a single +3 V supply. This part has also been specifically designed to operate with minimal supply currents when using supply voltages of up to 4.5 V while being driven by logic signals from a controller device operating from a lower supply voltage. This is important for applications such as 2.5/3G smart phones; these typically combine low voltage, mixed signal baseband devices with higher voltage analog switches and amplifiers for driving speaker loads.

The ISL8484 is available now in 10-lead 3mm x 3mm TDFN or MSOP packages. Pricing is $1 each in 1,000s in TDFN packaging. Click here for the ISL8484 data sheet.

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