Dual Analogue Switch – sub-0.5-Ohm low-voltage device

Intersil announced a high-performance dual switch that provides enhanced performance and reliability to replace currently available devices.

The MightyMUX ISL84684 is a true bi-directional, ultra-low resistance, low-voltage, dual single-pole double throw (SPDT X 2) analogue signal switch intended for use in cellphones, smartphones, PDAs and other portable battery-powered products. It has two independent switches, allowing it to replace two discrete SPDT devices where space is critical.

The ISL84684 provides lower R(ON), and better R(ON) flatness and R(ON) matching than existing competing devices and is pin compatible allowing users to upgrade circuit performance by simple replacement. It offers significantly lower R(ON) at lower supply voltages, such as 1.8 V and with a greater than 9 kV ESD withstand rating, this dual switch offers the industry's highest ESD withstand level of all competing sub-1-Ohm devices, resulting in increased reliability in handheld use and significant added value to users.

The circuit is a guaranteed true break-before-make dual single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch IC that operates over a 1.65- to 3.6-V supply range, making it ideally suited for Alkaline, Nickel-Metal Hydride as well as Lithium-ion and Lithium Polymer battery-powered applications. The R(ON) conduction resistance of each switch is a very low 0.29 Ohms at 2.7 V and only 0.4 Ohms at 1.8 V, which reduces signal loss to improve audio output levels in battery powered handheld products.

When operated from a 2.7-V supply, the ISL84684 switches have a typical R(ON) flatness and channel matching of 0.03 Ohms, making them ideal for use in low distortion audio paths such as MP3 players in Cell-Phones, and CD audio devices. When operated from a nominal 3-V supply, the devices are 1.8-V logic compatible.

Switching speed at a supply of 2.7 V is typically a very fast 14-ns turn-on and 6-ns turn-off, reducing switching noise. This is particularly important in headphone audio switching applications. They also feature very low power consumption at 0.75 &#181A max over full temperature and supply range, and are available in a 10-lead MSOP packaging or ultra-small 3 X 3 mm 10-pad thin DFN.

Intersil Corp , Camberley, Surrey GU15 3YQ, UK.

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