Dual-channel bipolar audio op amp caters for professional audio market

Texas Instruments Incorporated (Dallas, Tx) has added to its Burr-Brown Audio line with the OPA1612 dual-channel, bipolar-input audio operational amplifier.

Designed for professional audio and broadcast applications, the OPA1612 achieves low 1.1-nV √ Hz noise density with ultra-low distortion of 0.000015 percent at 1 kHz. This represents 50 percent lower distortion than competitive devices, resulting in clear, crisp audio, claims TI. One of the ways its sound quality is achieved is by its use of independent circuitry for delivering multiple channels, reducing crosstalk susceptibility by eliminating interactions between channels, even when overdriven or overloaded, according to TI.

The OPA1612's rail-to-rail output swing is to within 600mV with a 2kΩ load, increasing headroom and maximising dynamic range. The device operates over a wide range of load conditions – between +/-2.25V to +/-18V – and uses just 3.6mA of supply current per channel.

The dual channel OPA1612 is available in an SO-8 package, plus there is a single-channel device, the OPA1611.

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