Dual-channel difference amplifiers deliver high-speed measurement

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices Inc. has started to sample the AD8270 and AD8273, high-speed, low distortion and precision dual-channel difference amplifiers designed for applications that require fast and precise measurement without compromising signal fidelity, such as avionics, industrial process controls and high-performance audio equipment.

According to ADI, the 10-MHz AD8270 and 12-MHz AD8273 are three times faster than competing parts. In addition, the AD8270 features a 30 V/µs slew rate, while the AD8273 delivers a 25 V/µs slew rate. This ac performance is complemented by dc precision, SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and an 86-dB CMRR (common mode rejection ratio).

The AD8270 is available in a 4 mm x 4 mm package, and the AD8273 is available in a 54 mm square package that is pin- and function-compatible with competing difference amplifiers, which allows designers to substitute these parts without reconfiguring board layout.

Both the AD8270 and AD8273 feature internal gain-setting resistors that allow the design engineer to set gain with no external components.

Pricing: In 1,000-piece quantities, the AD8270 is $1.99 per unit and the AD8273 is $1.65.
Availability: Full production quantities in October 2007.
Datasheets: AD8270
and AD8273.

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