Dual channel programmable GPIO protects against power fault conditions

Dallas Semiconductor , a Maxim entity, introduces the DS2413 , the company's first dual-channel, programmable GPIO that protects against possible power fault conditions in end applications. All device pins can withstand sustained levels up to 28V.

Two DS2413 ports can independently operate as input or output at levels as high as 28 VDC. In addition, the open-drain outputs can each sink 20 mA, making them ideal for LED control.

The DS2413 includes a unique 64-bit ID number which, combined with the I/O features, provides an ideal solution for accessory and peripheral control and identification. The 64-bit value can also be customized to encode model information for the accessory or end product.

Device operation, including communication, control, and power, is performed over the two-contact 1-Wire interface, enabling line lengths between a host system and slave devices that can easily extend tens of meters with hundreds of multidropped 1-Wire devices.

The DS2413 GPIO operates from 2.8V to 5.25V over 0 to +70°C and is available in 6-pin TSOC packaging.

Dallas Semiconductor , Dallas, TX 75244, USA

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