Dual chipset provides total 1FXS and 1FXO solution

Austin, Texas — Legerity, Inc. expanded its VE880 VoicePort series with the industry's first single-chip voice solution to support one complete channel of foreign exchange station (FXS), as well as the foreign exchange office (FXO) codec.

In addition, Legerity is introducing the stand-alone Le88010 FXO codec.

When the new Le88311 and Le88331 VoicePort devices are combined with either the CPC5621 or CPC5622, Clare Inc.'s silicon-based data access arrangement (DAA), designers can implement a complete 1FXS + 1FXO solution with a dual-chip implementation.

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Block Diagram of Legerity's complete FXO/FXS Solution

Currently, all other competitive solutions available require three to four separate devices in order to implement the same functionality. This new solution allows customers the ability to reduce board space, simplify the design, reduce their total system design cost and decrease time to market.

“Legerity is developing the most advanced, intelligent voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) chipsets available anywhere,” said Mike Stibila, vice president of marketing and applications for Legerity. “When it comes to voice applications and solutions, equipment providers simply trust us more.”

As with the previous one-channel VoicePort devices, the Le88311 and Le88331 are pin-compatible options for 100- or 150-volt ringing, providing designers the flexibility to develop one application with population options for any market worldwide. In addition to design flexibility, these feature-rich VoicePort devices are highly programmable, simplifying software development, minimizing development time and speeding time-to-market.

“Legerity has achieved an important milestone with the introduction of the new VoicePort devices. We are encouraged to see further integration of the codec and SLIC functionality into a single device. The benefits enable designers to quickly develop VoIP applications while at the same time reduce their bill of materials,” said Fred Zimmerman, executive director of the
Broadband Communications Group at Texas Instruments. “We are delighted to be working with Legerity to deploy asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) VoIP reference solutions based on our AR7 ADSL SoC and Legerity's VoicePort VE880 Series.”

The VoicePort Series reduces system level cost, space and power while achieving the highest level of voice integration. The benefit to designers is a simple, cost effective, low power and dense design without sacrificing features or functionality.

“Clare is pleased that the LITELINK III DAA device is a part of the Legerity FXO all-silicon reference design,” said Mark Heisig, vice president and general manager of Clare, (Beverly, Mass.), a division of IXYS Corp. “Our combined integrated devices offer customers new levels of performance as well as improved board density and size.”

These VoicePort products are targeted toward consumer premise equipment (CPE) such as voice enabled cable modems, DSL modems, gateways, and media terminal adapters (MTA). In addition, these devices are ideal for FTTx, WLL, PBX, and other SME applications.

The complimentary FXO device, the Le88010, is priced at $1.40 per device in volume. The Le88311 and Le88331 are priced at $3.60 and $3.90, respectively, in volume quantities.

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Think about the phone line coming into your home. ADSL modems are capable of sending data and voice over existing copper phone lines. Simply plug the voice enabled ADSL modem into the wall (the FXO port), and connect the other jack into your phone (the FXS port). This same ADSL modem is also plugged into your computer in order to support access to the Internet (Ethernet port).

You are now ready to make VoIP calls over the ADSL modem. If you lose power in your home, ADSL modems have a built in internal relay, which allows the user to still make a call. There are some modems today which will even allow you to redirect your cell phone call over the VoIP network.

Today, Legerity Inc. is trumpeting a 1.5 channel FXS/FXO solution — one complete channel of FXS and the FXO codec — in just one single device. Previously, this level of integration for a 1.5-channel device into a single device for voice and data networks was not available, according to the fabless analog/mixed-signal semiconductor maker.

“You can assemble discrete ICs into a 1.5-channel device — but it will include at least three different ICs — a high voltage subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) and two codecs (voice/telecom),” Stibila said.

Legerity is partnering with Clare's silicon-based DAA (CPC5621) to provide customers with an implementation that offers complete FXS/FXO functionality in a dual-chip solution. DAA's provide the interface for consumer premise equipment (modems and other data equipment), that will be connected to the telephone network.

A key part of Legerity's strategy is to provide flexibility to designers, who can, for instance, take one of Legerity's 1.5-channel devices — Le88311 (100 V) and Le88331 (150 V) or the Le88010 (half-channel codec), and buy or build their own DAAs to complete the FXO channel. The flexibility of these devices allows them to be mixed and matched to create different combinations. Additionally, they are 100% tested and guaranteed, and easy to use with no assembly required, Stibila said.

Customers can implement a 1FXS + 1FXO with the Le883xx + CPC5621 (two chips to implement), or they can implement a 1FXS with the Le88010 + CPC5621 (two chips to implement a 1FXO). Customers can use either of Legerity's Le883xx or Le88010, along with Clare's CPC5621 to develop a combination of FXOs. All of Legerity's VoicePort devices have a PCM interface and MPI interface, and offer users a compatible interface for developing applications, Stibila said.

“The reason that Legerity offers multiple parts with the same block diagram is so that customers can produce one single reference design and produce up to four different parts for flexibility and cost savings,” Stibila said.

Designers can also change or modify the impedance level very easily with Legerity's free software developer kit, to perfectly match the impedance level of any country in the world. This means you can do one reference design for any country without worrying if the impedance will be right, Stibila said “While some other solutions may provide a limited number of worldwide impedances, Legerity's solution supports an unlimited number of impedances,” he added.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Legerity's claim to offer the industry's first ICs to integrate both a SLIC and codec functionality in a single device. The Le88111, Le88116, Le88131 and Le88136, single-channel devices, used for providing VoIP connectivity to analog phones, were just released in January.

Providing a single-channel FXS device enabled VOCAL Technologies Ltd. (Amherst, NY) to create an analog terminal adapter (ATA) for under $10 a unit.

“Legerity's Le88111 VoicePort offered the best combination of performance, on-chip features, and support that we needed in order to simplify and cost reduce our ATA modem design and to reduce both our bill of materials, and our system-level power requirements,” said Victor Demjanenko, chief technology officer for VOCAL.

Legerity, formerly the Communication Products Division of Advanced Micro Devices Inc., which spun off in 2000, competes with companies like Infineon Technologies AG, Integrated Device Technology Inc., and Silicon Laboratories Inc.

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