Dual Codec – improves mobile audio experience

Wolfson Microelectronics announced the third generation of its audio/touch-panel codecs. The WM9713L provides broad functionality and new levels of power-saving for the next wave of mobile communications devices.

The first generation of the WM97XX family can be found in advanced PDAs, pocket PCs and smartphones in use today from many of the leading manufacturers. The second generation of the chips will be in products expected to hit the markets this year.

The WM9713L has several new features, including the addition of a voice codec to manage phone conversations. It can control a 4-wire or 5-wire touch screen panel, includes on-chip screen drivers, and supports high-fidelity stereo, voice and supervisory or ring tones. Pen-down detection features and pressure measurement capabilities are also provided delivering a convergence of audio and PDA facilities while using a unique 4-pin AC-link control and data interface.

The circuit provides an adaptable clocking architecture, allows better power management and features power consumption as low as 7mW on reduced supply voltages (analog 1.8V min, digital 1.42V min.)

The WM9713L is available in a 7×7 mm 48-pin QFN package.

Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd, Edinburgh EH8 9NX, UK.

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