Dual current sense amplifiers deliver fast response, precision

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology has developed the LTC6103, a dual high voltage, high side current sense amplifier.

The LTC6103 contains two independent, high side current sense amplifiers that feature input bias current of 170-nA max and maximum input offset voltage of 450-µV. According to Linear, this precision performance allows the part to resolve very small currents and still operate over a large dynamic range.

As a dual, the LTC6103 is suitable for multiple current sensing applications such as H-bridge driver circuits. Its topology allows the second amplifier to be used for bi-directional operation, high/low current ranging or high voltage level translation.

The LTC6103 can withstand voltages up to 70-V, a key feature when power supply failures or catastrophic load changes can lead to voltage fly back conditions. The LTC6103 offers a response time of 1-usec.

LTC6103 is in full production, with prices starting at $1.66 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

For more technical information and block diagrams see the LTC6103's datasheet at,C1,C1154,C1009,C1077,P36052.

Linear Technology Corp., 1-408-432-1900,

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