Dual-gate driver sinks 5 amps or delivers 3

Santa Clara, Calif. – National Semiconductor says its LM5110 dual-gate-driver chip delivers 3 amps or sinks 5 amps peak current, the highest output yet available for n-channel power MOSFETs in switch mode and low-threshold synchronous rectifiers, solenoid and motor drivers and power level shifters.

With separate ground pins at input and output, the device is billed as the industry's first MOS driver offering split-supply capability that can drive its gate outputs negative (driver control inputs referenced to input ground) to hold off low-threshold power MOSFETs with sufficient design margin to handle drain-to-gate transients and threshold shifts. In traditional single-supply applications with positive-only gate-drive voltages, the user connects the chip's input reference pin to power ground.

The bipolar/CMOS “compound” gate driver (bipolar and MOS transistors in parallel), working from inputs of 3.5 to 14 volts, features rail-to-rail (positive-to-negative voltage) switching and 20-nanosecond rise and fall times. The LM5110's dual drivers can also be connected in parallel for twice the output current (10 amp peak).

“The LM5110's MOS/bipolar compound output circuitry permits rail-to-rail swing and output current three to four times higher than competitive CMOS dual gate drivers,” said Paul Greenland, marketing director of the power management group at National Semiconductor.

This chip, when combined with the company's LM5041 or LM5030 controllers, will provide a cost-effective, high-speed PWM/FET driver chip set solution for converters with high-current, low-voltage outputs.

The chip comes in three versions: two of them inverting, two non-inverting, or complementary (one inverting, one non-inverting) outputs.

Protection features include undervoltage lockout for safe operation during power up/power down sequences. It also has a shutdown input for low-power operation.

The LM5110 is offered in either an SOIC-8 or a 10-pin 4 by 4-mm surface-mount LLP chip scale package. The LM5110 is priced at 65 cents each in lots of 1,000 units.

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