Dual LDOs tout low-dropout, high-PSRR edge

San Jose, Calif.&#8212Micrel's MIC5310 is the company's first in a series of dual LDO regulators offering ultra low dropout voltage (35 mV at 150 mA), greater than 70 db power supply ripple rejection (PSRR), and ultra low output noise. In a 2-by-2 mm, 8-pin leadless MLF package, it's suited for today’s most demanding portable applications including cellular phone RF power, camera modules, imaging sensors for digital still and video cameras, PDAs, portable media players (PMP) and PC cameras.

“Today’s portable applications continue to demand increasingly smaller solution sizes without compromising on specifications or performance,” said Ralf Muenster, director of marketing for Power Products. “Micrel’s new MIC5310 gives engineers significant advantages over solutions currently on the market, particularly in applications where maintaining high PSRR under low input-voltage-to-output-voltage conditions is crucial.”

The MIC5310 integrates two independently-controlled, high performance LDOs that offer fast transient performance; just three or four small, inexpensive external capacitors (1 microfarad or less) are required in a typical application. The LDO features a quiescent current of just 75 microamps per output, turn-on time of 30 microseconds, current limit and thermal shutdown protection, and operation over -40 to +125&degC.

Click here for the device datasheet. The MIC5310 is currently available in volume, with prices starting at 60 cents each in 1k quantities.

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