Dual sampling ADC stands tall for medical, military data-acquisition

Mansfield, Mass.&#8212C&D Technologies touts its functionally complete ADSD-1410S dual 14-bit, 10 MSPS sampling analog-to-digital-converter as best-in-class for low-noise, high-speed data acquisition systems. Typical applications include medical instruments, radar I/Q, and automatic test equipment for the military.

The dual ADC product, which is optimized for wideband frequency domain applications and is fully FFT tested, includes two fast-settling sample/hold amplifiers, multiplexed output buffers, a precision reference, edge triggering, and all timing and control logic. It's available in two temperature classes. The commercial product is rated for operation over 0 to +70°C; the ADSD-1410S-EX is rated for the military temperature range (-55 to +125&degC). The module delivers 'no-missing-code' performance across its full operating temperature range.

Features include a signal-to-noise ratio of 76 dB and total harmonic distortion of -83dB. The ADC's output can drive either 3 or 5-volt logic systems. The module, which consumes just 1.6 watts, require a &plusmn5-volt supply.

Click here for the product datasheet. The ADSD-1410, in a standard 40-pin triple-wide SMT DIP, is priced at approximately $300 each in 100 piece quantities.

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