Dual simultaneous sampling 1MSPS A/D converter debuts

Unterpremstaetten, Austria—austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS1545, a 12-bit dual high-speed successive-approximation A/D converter with low power consumption.

The AS1545 offers 12-bit resolution on each of the two A/D converters and uses advanced design techniques to achieve low power dissipation at high throughput rates. At a conversion speed of 1MSPS and including the internal 2.5V reference, the AS1545 uses 5.5mA. In full power-down mode the supply current drops to less than 1µA.

Two complete and independent A/D converter channels allow simultaneous sampling and conversion of two channels. The 12 input channels are software configurable, allowing each A/D converter to offer six single-ended channels or three fully or pseudo differential pairs, as programmed. The conversion result of both A/D converters is simultaneously available on separate data lines or in succession on one data line, if only one serial port is available.

AS1545 operates from a single 2.7 to 5.25 V supply and contains a Vdrive (interface drive voltage) function which enables the serial interface to connect directly to either 3 or 5 V processor systems independent of the A/D converters supply voltage. The A/D converter can be interfaced via a high speed SPI/QSPI/Microwire or DSP interface.

The AS1545 offers a rail to rail analog input range and can be selected to be a 0 V to VREF(or 2 – VREF), with either straight binary or two complement output coding. The common mode input range of the analog inputs also goes from rail to rail. The internal 2.5V reference can be overdriven when an external reference is preferred.

The AS1545 is available in a small 5x5mm 32-pin TQFN package suitable for operating environments ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Datasheet: Click here.


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