E-pHEMT Power Amplifier – meets WLAN linearity requirements

Agilent Technologies introduced an E-pHEMT (enhancement-mode pseudomorphic high-electron-mobility transistor) MMIC (monolithic microwave IC) medium-power amplifier optimized for use as a driver in wireless fixed-access points/base stations operating at up to 10 GHz.

Such applications include IEEE 802.11a wireless local-area-networks (WLANs) in the 5 GHz UNII (unlicensed national information infrastructure) band, 802.11g and 802.11b WLANs operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) band, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz cordless phones and wireless local loops (WLL).

The MGA-425P8 meets WLAN linearity requirements while drawing one of the lowest currents in the market. The “smart bias” feature allows the designer to use the device in several circuit positions, tailoring the gain, linearity and current consumption to suit each position.

The amplifier is supplied in the compact, industry-standard 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75mm 8-pad JEDEC DRP-N LPCC (JEDEC Solid State Technology Association) leadless plastic chip carrier for reduced board space. The package's lead-free backside metalization provides excellent thermal dissipation as well as visual evidence of solder reflow.

The MGA-425P8 offers advanced performance characteristics at 5.25 GHz, 3V, 58mA operation: 13.3 dBm Pout at 5% EVM (error vector magnitude); 10.3% PAE (power-added efficiency); 20.3 dBm P1dB (power output at 1 dB gain compression); 32.9 dBm OIP3 (third-order output intercept point); and 16 dB gain.

On-chip bias circuitry allows operation from a single 3.3 V power supply. One external resistor is used to set the bias current, and the “smart bias” function allows the linearity (OIP3) to be adjusted from 20 to 35 dBm by changing a single external resistor. The output of the amplifier provides less than 2:1 VSWR (voltage standing-wave ratio) at 50 ohm (4.9 to 5.8 GHz).

Agilent Technologies Inc , 35578 Wetzlar, Germany.

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