e-vision’s narrow-band SRD transceiver offers multi-channel access

e-Vision's EV5042 transceiver IC for ISM applications in the 433/868/915 MHz SRD bands features narrow-channel operation and long range.

Its UHF transceiver can connect easily to most popular microcontrollers via serial interface. The EV5042's frequency synthesizer can create frequencies in the 400-500 MHz and 800-1000MHz bands with 1 Hz frequency resolution.

To utilize this ability, the EV5042 has built-in automatic frequency control which gives the opportunity to tune receivers to transmitters.

The transceiver was originally designed for UHF radio equipment in accordance with the European standards but now has been adapted to meet North American FCC standards as well.

The YellowFoot transceiver integrates an RF front-end with modulator and demodulator and flexible communication controller. Baseband data processing is implemented in the integrated communication controller for user-friendly communication via SPI interface (micro-controller mode) or in direct wire mode (UART-mode).

Features and benefits include:

Narrow-channel operation—The programmable bandwidth of the channel filter from 6 kHz to 600 kHz is ideally suited for multi-channel designs. Frequency hopping of 200 hops/second is unique in for this class of devices.

Long range—The 12 dBm integrated PA and the -122 dBm receiver sensitivity at 4.8 kbps offer ultimate long range performance.

Flexibility with DSS and FEC—I addition to ASK, FSK, PSK (AFP) the EV5042 also offers GFSK, GMSK and OQPSK. ASK and PSK can be root-raised cosine shaped. Therefore the EV5042 is suited as replacement for RF parts in many existing radio systems. The EV5042 supports the ZigBee standard for home automation.

Low and High data rates—Data rates are programmable in a range from 1 kbps 600 kbps, unique for SRD radio transmissions.

Low power—The 19 mA low power receiver with short startup times offers smallest waste of energy in duty cycling modes. In low power mode, the transmit goes down to 9 mA at – 4 dBm output power.

Ease of use—The YellowFoot IC comes with an integrated communication controller with automatic pre-amble, post-ample and CRC generation on transmitter and receiver. This gives ease of use—plus the small overhead in your application code.

Typical applications include asset tracking, integration into mobile phones and PDAs, audio or video links, telemetric applications, keyless entry, RS -232 and USB extension, wireless networks, ticketing, pointing devices and keyboards.

Low cost—as low as US$1.99 each at 1,000 quantities—Make the IC ideal for high volume applications. YellowFoot offers systems with the low component count.

Only a crystal and six capacitors (including four decoupling capacitors) are needed for a minimal system with printed loop antenna. Multi-channel systems without SAW filters are also easy to realize, giving you the best usage of your frequency band.

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