EarthShift Launches PackageSmart: A Highly Effective Sustainable Package Design Software

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HUNTINGTON, Vt., June 9, 2011

HUNTINGTON, Vt ., June 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — PackageSmart™, a simplified life cycle assessment (LCA) tool, evaluates the environmental impacts of packaging.  PackageSmart addresses the common challenges associated with the package design process, while creating sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

This powerful life cycle software enables packaging engineers and designers to integrate environmental assessment early into the design process when leverage is high and the cost of change is still low.  Plus PackageSmart is the only tool on the market that allows a company to import their own Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method (LCIA), creating consistency across the company.  A free two week trial is now available through the EarthShift website.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simplified interface allows packaging designers to build and analyze several design ideas at once.
  • Quickly add custom end of life recycling rates for individual materials.
  • Modeling for Walmart or Global Packaging Project metrics can be done fluently and without difficulty.

Get an idea of what PackageSmart can do for you and how easy it is to use with the online features tour, web demo and Get FREE Trial Access ,

This program is just one of many steps that EarthShift is taking to reduce packaging's environmental footprint.

About EarthShift

EarthShift provides sustainability tools and methodologies to organizations to help them bring the social, economic and environmental impacts of their business into balance while working within the boundaries of our planet's resources. Operating from a concept of abundance, EarthShift believes that the more people who know how to use these tools and methodologies, the faster we will reach our goal of a healthy planet supporting healthy people.

EarthShift services include online & on-site training on proven sustainability methodologies, custom tool development for personalized and easy to use environmental impact calculators, sustainability program management consulting and Life Cycle Assessment tools.

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