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Here are some general guidelines for preparing technical articles for the Design section of EE Times Europe.

Design section technical contributions are engineer-to-engineer discussions of issues that designers now face as a result of recent technological developments. All abstracts should be submitted to ensure they are in line with the editor's specific requirements.

For contributed pieces, please keep the target audience in mind: It is engineers looking for solutions to problems.

In general, it should discuss developments and the best way to write a problem/solution article is to be as non-product specific as possible: Write about the nature of the problem followed by possible solutions and its pros and cons. Only then, after a balanced discussion, can an argument can be made for a specific solution that seems to achieve the best results, followed – space permitting – by a proposed physical implementation.

Most important to note is that a contributed article is not a place to over hype a specific product's features and capabilities. It is a place to talk about technical challenges and solutions.

Keep the text of the main article tightly focused on the topic and its development, with details on standards, specifications and specific product implementations in sidebars. Breaking up an article this way makes it easier to read.

I hope this is of help, as to length 1500 words is probably the maximum we could use.

For more information or to submit a suggestion or abstract contact Colin Holland or call on +44 208 319 1324.

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