EEMBC(R) and Ixia to Deliver Industry-Standard TCP-IP Performance and Conformance Tests

EEMBC's First System-Level Test Automates Network/Protocol Validation with IxANVL and IxLoad

SAN JOSE, Calif. , Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ — ETHERNET TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT – The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) today released its industry-standard benchmark suite for testing systems with Ethernet functionality. Specifically, the suite evaluates an embedded system's performance and conformance as a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/IP) server by assessing its behavior in handling realistic TCP/IP client scenarios. This benchmark suite, referred to as ETCP, relies on a specially assembled set of components from Ixia's Automated Network Validation Library (IxANVL) and IxLoad. This benchmark test will benefit equipment OEMs who need to evaluate and compare the capability of processors that incorporate Ethernet interfaces.

TCP is a fundamental component of the Internet protocol (IP) suite. TCP provides reliable, in-order delivery of a byte stream, making it suitable for applications such as file transfer and e-mail. TCP is incorporated into the test suite, referred to as “the TCP/IP suite.” With the increase in content-based (Layer 7) processing in networking and telecommunication equipments, TCP protocol has emerged as core protocol for embedded platforms.

“We had to ensure that our new benchmark suite would be applicable for a wide variety of platforms ranging from microcontrollers with integrated Ethernet support to high-end processors for data center equipment,” commented Muhammad Raghib Hussain , Cavium's CTO & corporate vice president of software and EEMBC's chair of the Networking working group. “To accommodate this wide range of platforms, EEMBC offers multiple real-world performance and compliance scenarios that are targeted for particular market segments.”

ETCP's conformance tests measure the ability of a system to adhere to applicable Request for Comment (RFC) standards. The performance scenarios embedded into the ETCP measure a system's bandwidth and/or latency capabilities.

Unlike traditional EEMBC benchmarks that use compiled C-code to run on embedded processors, the ETCP suite uses simulated network traffic that is generated in real-time from the Ixia test platform. Ixia's IxANVL is used to test the conformance of networks and devices to Internet protocol specifications. Developers and manufacturers of networking equipment and Internet devices rely on IxANVL to automatically validate protocol compliance and interoperability.

IxANVL runs using minimal hardware, such as a PC with a Linux or Windows operating system and an Ethernet card, making it very practical for EEMBC's test environment. The software is able to operate on Ixia's test and analysis platform. This flexibility enables IxANVL to support all industry-standard test interfaces, from 10/100/1000Mbps to 10Gbps. Ixia's IxANVL validates layer 2-7 network devices, ensuring protocol conformance to industry standards.

“Our collaboration with Ixia as a performance- and conformance-testing partner has been invaluable,” said EEMBC president Markus Levy . “Ixia worked with us exclusively and with great effort to help us produce the ETCP test suite. With this new suite we can offer TCP performance analysis and conformance validation to our members or to anyone wishing EEMBC certification.”

Ixia's iSimCity was crucial in developing and testing the ETCP test suite. Ixia's iSimCity is a proof-of-concept lab that helps enterprise, equipment vendors, and carriers use extreme scale test beds to validate scaled equipment performance and deployment models. EEMBC will use iSimCity as a base for its ETCP test validation operations.

ETCP is available for benchmarking certification for EEMBC's members. This suite can also be licensed from Ixia by members and non-members to prepare for certification. EEMBC TCP benchmark can be offered free to any non-member with proof of ownership of the required IXIA equipment. The EEMBC Technology Center offers official certifications for prices starting at $6000 for platforms supporting 1-48 ports of 1 Gigabyte Ethernet (1GbE), or 9-16 ports of 10GbE.


EEMBC, the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium develops benchmark software that helps processor architects and embedded system designers better understand the capabilities of embedded microprocessors and the systems in which they are used. Currently available benchmark software allows users to predict unicore and multicore processor performance and its associated energy cost in digital entertainment, digital imaging, networking, and office automation applications. Additional suites address automotive, embedded Java, and telecom applications. The consortium's operations include an EEMBC Technology Center that provides a full range of benchmarking and benchmark score certification services in addition to serving as EEMBC's R&D center for benchmark software development.

EEMBC's members include Advanced Digital Chips, AMD, Analog Devices, Andes Technology, Applied Micro, ARM, Broadcom, Cavium Networks, Code Sourcery, Cypress Semiconductor, Faraday, Freescale Semiconductor, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Green Hills Software, IAR Systems AB, IBM, Imagination Technologies, Infineon Technologies, Intel, LSI, LynuxWorks, Marvell Semiconductor, MediaTek, Mentor Graphics, Microchip Technology, MIPS Technologies, National Instruments, NEC Electronics, Netlogic Microsystems, Nokia, NXP Semiconductors, Open Kernel Labs, Qualcomm, Realtek Semiconductor, Red Hat, Renesas Technology, Samsung Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment, STMicroelectronics, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, VIA Technologies, VMware, Wind River Systems.

About Ixia

Ixia is a leading provider of converged IP performance test systems and service verification platforms for wireless and wired infrastructures and services. Ixia's test systems are used by network and telephony equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, service providers, governments and enterprises to validate the performance and reliability of complex networks, devices and applications. Ixia's multiplay test systems address the growing need to test voice, video and data services and network capability under real-world conditions.

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