Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) publishes Wireless Power Handbook, Second Edition

Back in July 2015 I had reviewed Efficient Power Conversion’s First Edition of the Wireless Power Handbook and now they are announcing the publication of the Second Edition of the Wireless Power Handbook. This added information will provide power system design engineers additional valuable experiences and points of reference critical to understanding and designing highly efficient wireless power systems using gallium nitride transistors.

As a supplement to EPC’s GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, author Michael DeRooij, Executive Director of Applications Engineering has updated and expanded the technical contents. Topics covered include how to effectively compare component devices, such as eGaN FETs and MOSFETs, when used in an amplifier design. This comparison, complete with experimental verification, illustrates the superiority of eGaN FETs over MOSFETs in this high performance application.

This second edition has been expanded to include the latest work on AirFuelTM Alliance class 2 and class 3 transmitters, adaptive tuning, radiated EMI, multi-mode wireless power systems, and control strategies. There are also wireless power systems demonstrated using the latest eGaN® FETs and integrated circuits that set new efficiency benchmarks as well as reduce overall system costs. There is still much more to accomplish as this fast moving technology evolves, the purpose of this second edition is to share the latest information on the subject.

The book is available for $39.95 and can be purchased from Digi-Key and

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