Eight-channel analog/digital converter offers impressive SNR and power-per-channel capabilities

Tucson, AZ (Feb. 2, 2004) – Establishing a new standard for integration, performance and power, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced a family of octal, 10- and 12-bit, high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) from the company's Burr-Brown product line. Featuring serial low-voltage differential-signaling (LVDS) outputs and consuming 123mW of power per channel at 65 MSPS (138mW/channel at 70 MSPS), the ADS527x family offers the lowest power of any competitive product. The devices allow high system density in ultrasound, wireless communications, optical networking, instrumentation, test and measurement, and a variety of other multi-channel applications.

The ADS527x family includes 40, 50, 65 and 70 MSPS (mega samples per second) versions in 12-bit resolution, and 40, 50 and 65 MSPS versions in 10-bit resolution. All products in this family are both pin and Serial LVDS compatible, providing a simple upgrade path in both sample rate and resolution.

Serial LVDS greatly simplifies the ADC interface and allows for compatibility between the different family members in terms of speed and resolution. TI's implementation of Serialized LVDS offers the user the flexibility to optimize interface power dissipation based on system requirements, and is compatible with Xilinx and Altera programmable devices. Xilinx deserializer source code is available as a free license from Texas Instruments when used with TI data converters.

The ADS527x family is optimized to work with TI's high-performance TMS320C6000 DSP platform, which is used in applications ranging from high-resolution medical imaging to third-generation wireless communications infrastructure. In addition, depending on the application requirements, the ADS527x family is optimized for pairing with many of TI's high-speed op amps to achieve highest performance.

The integration, performance and power of the ADS527x family will allow imaging systems, such as ultrasound, to improve image quality with exceptional 12-bit, 70.5dB SNR performance, reduce power requirements, increase channel density and decrease board space demands.

In wireless communications systems, such as base stations and pico-cells, the ADS527x family will improve system performance by reducing system complexity, handling more voice channels, reducing system form factors, increasing flexibility and lowering operating costs.

The ADS527x family offers exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 70.5dB (60.5dB for the 10-bit family) at 10MHZ input frequency. The devices provide internal references to simplify system design requirements, or can be driven with external references. The ADS527x family operates from a 3.3V supply.

All eight channels share a common sample clock for excellent skew and jitter performance. Individual power down of each ADC channel enables optimized operation. A peak-to-peak differential input range of 2V maintains signal integrity, and a common internal or external voltage reference allows excellent matching between channels.

Samples and EVMs (Evaluation Modules) of ADS527x family are available now with volume production scheduled for March 2004. The devices are packaged in an 80-lead TQFP.

ADS5273 12bits 70MSPS $121.00 in 1k-units
ADS5272 12bits 65MSPS $65.00 in 1k-units
ADS5271 12bits 50MSPS $50.00 in 1k-units
ADS5270 12bits 40MSPS $45.00 in 1k-units
ADS5277 10bits 65MSPS $40.00 in 1k-units
ADS5276 10bits 50MSPS $36.00 in 1k-units
ADS5275 10bits 40MSPS $32.00 in 1k-units

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ADS527x Family

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