Eight-channel analog switches target noise-sensitive applications

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Supertex has introduced four high voltage, eight-channel analog switches—HV2203, HV2303, HV2221 and HV2321.

The ICs feature latch-up protection and quiescent power dissipation
of 10-µA, which results in better operating efficiency in applications that require high voltage analog switching controlled by low voltage signals, such as medical ultrasound imaging and non-destructive testing (NDT).

The ICs leverage Supertex's proprietary high voltage CMOS (HVCMOS) technology to enable efficient control of high voltage analog signals through bilateral high voltage DMOS switches and low voltage CMOS logic.

HV2203 and HV2303 target entry-level medical ultrasound imaging applications and deliver low parasitic capacitance and excellent noise immunity. HV2221 and HV2321, optimized for the NDT market, are unipolar, negative voltage switches that feature cascadable serial data registers with latches. Additionally, the HV2303 and HV2321 feature integrated bleed resistors that not only minimize noise but also reduce PCB size.

The HV2203 and the HV2303 are available in 28-pin PLCC and 48-pin LQFP packages (HV2203PJ-G, HV2303PJ-G, HV2203FG-G, and HV2303FG-G, respectively). HV2221 and HV2321 are available in a 48-lead LQFP package (HV2221FG-G and HV2321FG-G).

Pricing: In 1,000-unit quantities, $5.95 for the HV2203PJ-G, $6.05 for the HV2303PJ-G, $5.99 for the HV2203FG-G, $6.09 each for the HV2303FG-G, $11.65 for the HV2221FG-G and $11.70 for the HV2321FG-G.
Availability: Lead-time for production quantities is six- to eight-weeks ARO.
Datasheets: HV2203, HV2303, HV2221, HV2321.

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