Electrone Expands Range for 720 Door Keypad Terminals for Access Control Systems

CROWTHORNE, England , Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Electrone Europe today announces the launch of the expanded range of 720 Series of door keypad terminals, specifically designed for access control systems. The 720 IP, PoE, Serial and USB keypads are now available with a wipe-clean or wall-mounted housing and soon to be available metal outdoor weather-proof housing.

The Electrone 720 Series of door keypad terminals offers access control systems a wide range of options including graphic and numeric 2-line displays, USB, PS2 and serial connectivity, as well as the greater flexibility to connect directly onto an Intranet or the Internet, via a configurable RJ45 connection – with or without PoE capabilities. Certain models of the keypads can also include a magnetic stripe reader, biometrics reader or chip card reader, if required. The 720 IP keypads are now available as a multi-voltage unit, which allows them to connect to any power source within range.

Stuart Thorn , CEO of Electrone Europe, comments, “By default, all Electrone 720 Series of door keypad terminals come with a standard set of commands which can be used to integrate with existing access control systems and applications or used to build the keypad into new application developments. Electrone is now able to offer further customisation with a range of housings to suit a variety of market requirements or working environments.”

Thorn continues, “From experience in the market we know there are varying environments in which the Electrone 720 keypad series need to be used. We can now deliver these keypads as a desktop model with either a standard keypad, or including a wipe-clean membrane for sectors such as retail, healthcare, hospitality or catering environments, and, if needed, the keypad can also be ordered with a wall-mount housing perhaps for use in conjunction with a remote monitoring or access control systems. Similarly we are developing a weather-proof housing for the unit, which makes the keypad suitable for use in outdoor locations.”

Electrone has also increased the flexibility of the Electrone 720 range with an introduction of an LCD display which is capable of handling a wider range of character sets. The first customer for this enhanced display is in Greece where the Electrone 720 is now being installed utilising the full Greek character set.

Electrone has a variety of clients who are using the keypads within a range of environments including; the British Gymnastics Association, which has replaced their traditional event scoring system with the Electrone 720 PoE keypads, and a security company which uses the terminal to provide central monitoring for events, alarms and CCTV equipment. The keypad is also used in China within an auction house environment as a bidding terminal.

Thorn concludes, “The 720 is a unique, low-cost product that can solve a wide variety of network communication problems and deliver web based services. The keypad's on-board memory allows settings to be adjusted to suit an array of functions so the unit can work in an 'offline mode' with local storage capabilities, and now with the improved and expanded range of weather-proof housing units this keypad is a suitable solution for a wider array of data entry environments.”

Electrone Europe is expanding across Europe and is looking to enlarge its network of resellers for a continually expanding range of products.

About Electrone

Electrone Europe is a subsidiary of the privately-held group, which includes US-based, IT hardware vendor Electrone Americas. The company specialises in custom-built, problem solving IT peripherals, for a broad range of vertical markets. The business was founded by Stuart Thorn in the UK in 1984 before relocating to Florida in 1996.

The company has customers in all parts of the USA , UK, Europe , Middle East , South America and Africa . Electrone's experts design and build more than 100 products in more than 15 distinct product lines and in-house staff can also develop specialist software applications where the client requires them. The majority of Electrone's customers are IT resellers and systems integrators.

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