Electronic dispersion compensation ICs target 10 GbE fiber applications

Camarillo, Calif.—Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. has released a pair of next-generation dual clock and data recovery (CDR) ICs dubbed the VSC8240 and VSC8242 that integrates electronic dispersion compensation (EDC).

The VSC8240 and VSC8242 are aimed at enabling 10 GbE implementations across multiple applications in Enterprise, Metro and Core networks, including those using SFP+ optical interconnects, XFP optical interconnects, 10G NICs, 10G copper interconnects, and 10G copper backplanes.

The lead application for the VSC8242 is enabling the migration of datacom and telecom routers and switches to the SFP+ optical module form factor. Three SFP+ reach applications have been standardized for 10 GbE networks: 10GBASE-SR, -LR and -LRM. The VSC8242 supports all three applications and has compliance with IEEE standards: 802.3aq, 802.3ae, and SFF-8431 electrical specifications.

The VSC8242 incorporates two bi-directional 10-Gbits/s paths to support the increased port densities. Additional features of the VSC8242 include various lookbacks, a complete set of programmable Rx and Tx path functionality, such as output pre-emphasis, and full 1 GbE data rate support. Packaged in a small 12mm x 12mm flip-chip CSP package, the VSC8242 has an integrated microcontroller to enable auto adaptation of dispersed optical signals. Typical power dissipation is only 750mW for each bi-direction channel.

A single channel variant, the VSC8240, is also available in an 8mm x 8mm flip-chip CSP package. The VSC8240 has all of the functionality of the VSC8242, but is targeted at XFP CDR applications and other single receive path applications such as single mode fiber reach extension applications in metro and long haul transport systems. The VSC8240 compensates for both SMF chromatic dispersion (up to 2400ps/nm) and polarization”mode dispersion (over 70ps differential-group delay) in a poor OSNR environment and will enable the adoption of 120Km, 160Km, and longer applications.

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