EM Microelectronic’s smart card IC offers flexible memory positioning

Marin, Switzerland — EM Microelectronic announces the EMTCG176-3G , a flash memory-based smart card IC designed for use in SIM and Java cards for GSM mobile phones, as well as for healthcare and loyalty card applications. The EMTCG176-3G is compatible with the ISO7816-3 Integrated Circuit Card (smart card) specification, and operates with high speed communication baud rates, making it compatible with the 3rd generation of cellular telephones. Memory flexibility is a key advantage of the EMTCG176-3G, which contains 176 KB of pure flash memory. The 176 KB non-volatile memory is organized in two sectors of different granularities: 48 KB in pages of 8 Bytes (1 Byte programmable), and 128 KB in pages of 512 Bytes. This means that there is no difference anymore between code space and data space. Because some data doesn't always need to be byte-addressable (e.g. SMS), the user can decide what amount of code is allocated to the OS and use the remaining space for data. Thus, with the same chip, the service provider can target several applications. EM Microelectronic , Marin, Switzerland.

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