Embedded modem reduces component count and board space by over 30%

Silicon Laboratories claims to offer the industry's most integrated embedded modem solution using the company's fourth generation silicon direct access arrangement (DAA) technology in its ISOmodem products. The ISOmodem family now reduces the number of components and board space by an additional 30% compared to competing solutions.

The new ISOmodem products utilize Silicon Laboratories' Si3008 line-side DAA, available in a small 8-pin package, in combination with a reduced pin-count package system-side device to provide a complete modem solution in a tiny footprint. The flexibility and minimal external components required makes these devices ideal for embedded modem applications such as set-top boxes, electronic point-of-sale terminals, digital video recorders and digital televisions.

ISOmodem products are full-featured embedded modems complete with a simple UART interface, integrated ROM, RAM, digital signal processor (DSP) and AT command support ranging in speeds from 2.4 to 56 kbps. They are compliant with FCC and additional country standards.

Silicon Laboratories Inc , Austin, Texas 78735, USA

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