Encoder IC senses motion without contact

Unterpremstaetten, Austria — Austriamicrosystems' analog magnetic rotary encoder IC for motion sensing applications in the industrial and automotive industries promise reliability and longevity.

The IC outperforms current motion sensing solutions, such as high-end potentiometers, in terms of reliability and lifetime due to its contactless sensing method, said Ralf Kodritsch, marketing manager for sensors and automation at Austriamicrosystems. “For example, the biggest disadvantage of potentiometers is the fact that they are using a mechanical contact which wears out over time,” he said.

The IC provides an analog voltage proportional to the measured angle, in addition to a 10-bit digital position information. By combining adjustable angle range and analog output voltage range, a user can program the device to operate within a predefined, application-specific angle range. Depending on the angular range settings, the step size of the analog output may vary from 0.35° to 0.09° per step.

The device also offers zero position programming or diagnostic features related to magnet mechanical position and magnetic field presence. As an additional safety feature, the device provides warning in case of a power loss.

In addition, the device can be selected by the user for optimized operation at either high speed or high accuracy. The daisychain mode allows the connection of several devices in series over a two-wire bus. The AS5043 operates at either 3.3 V or 5 V. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C. It is available in a lead-free SSOP- 16 (5.3mm x 6.2mm) package.

Samples will be available in June. Pricing for the AS5043 is $4.50 in 1,000-units quantities. Click here for the AS5043 fact sheet and to request a data sheet.

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