Energy meter ICs cut power losses

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' ADE7100 and ADE7500 energy meter ICs, combining intelligent battery management with signal processing technology, tout higher reliability and lower power consumption (60 percent that of competing devices). Taking the place of as many as six discrete ICs, these system-on-chip families maintain time, sense system changes in temperature, drive the output display (LCDs), and perform critical system functions.

“For electricity meter designers who require a better solution to the growing demand for feature-rich, highly reliable LCD energy meters, the ADE7100 and ADE7500 families provide an accurate, low-power and intelligently integrated solution for single-phase energy meters,” said Lu Han Xi, chief engineer at energy meter manufacturer Linyang Electronics (China).

The ADE7100 and ADE7500 families combine the company's established energy measurement core (derived from the company's ADE7755 device) with a microprocessor, on-chip flash memory, LCD driver, real-time clock (RTC) and intelligent battery management circuitry. This solution is designed to be less prone to system failures and enables advanced services like remote meter-reading, time-of-use billing (which requires power companies to measure energy consumption according to hourly use), and load shedding.

Core functions include active, reactive, and
apparent energy calculations, as well as voltage and RMS current measurements. Several power supervisory features, such as sag detection and peak and zero- crossing are built into the core to simplify energy meter design. The devices' microprocessor includes a single-cycle 8052 core, an RTC with full battery backup and a choice of a UART (universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter), SPI (serial peripheral interface) or I2 C interface. The ADE7100 family of products feature a second current input for tamper detection.

Click here to access the product datasheets and applications information. Four products in the ADE7100 (ADE7166, ADE7169) and ADE7500 (ADE7566, ADE7569) families are sampling now, with full production scheduled for February 2007. The devices are available in 64-lead LQFPs and are priced under $3 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

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