Enhanced process automation transceiver reduces board size

Phoenix, Ariz.—ON Semiconductor has announced a new product derivative of the AMIS-49200 Media Attachment Unit (MAU).

The AMIS-49250 offers additional circuit board space savings of up to 66% compared to the AMIS-49200, and is part of ON Semiconductor's line of processing automation transceivers for use in safety critical applications such as oil refineries, chemical processing and water treatment plants.

The AMIS-49200 has been a reliable replacement for the Yokogawa SAA22Q MAU device, which is no longer in production. For new designs that cannot accommodate the PCB space required by the SAA22Q (or AMIS-49200), but require the same functionality, ON Semiconductor has developed the AMIS-49250 in a small, 44-lead NQFP (7×7) (aka MLF, QFN) package.

Similar to the AMIS-49200, the AMIS-49250 complies with the specifications of the IEC-61158-2, H1 (ISA-SP50.02-1992), and EN 50170 physical layer standard, including Foundation Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA protocols. The device is a physical interface between the bus wiring and the actual measurement device targeting industrial process automation applications, specifically Foundation Fieldbus H1 devices Type 111 and Type 112 per Foundation Fieldbus Specification FF-816 (31.25 kbit/s Physical Layer Profile).

Pricing: Approximately $13.78 per unit in 500 unit quantities.
Availability: Through local distribution.

Datasheet: Click here.

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