Enpirion : 3 A dc-dc converter has an integrated inductor

Enpirion has announced the availability of its ultra-small 3 A synchronous buck dc-dc converter with an integrated inductor, delivering a radical increase in power density over competing solutions. The EN5337QI is a power supply on a chip (PwrSoC) in a tiny 28 mm2 package – less than half the size of Enpirion’s previous 3 A solutions, and one-third the size of competitor’s offerings. With a power density of 149 W/in2 (23 W/cm2), the EN5337QI sets a new standard for low-power switching regulators.

“Designers are being challenged to pack more functionality into smaller PCB form factors, while improving overall system power efficiency,” said Dr. Ashraf Lotfi, Enpirion’s founder and CTO. “To address these challenges, designers need power solutions like the EN5337 that can deliver high-efficiency power in a very small form factor.”

Enpirion’s 3 A power converters are ideally suited for high-volume, mass-market electronics such as DTV, audio, computing, multi-function printers, set-top boxes/DVRs, and storage. The EN5337QI is an excellent choice for product designs that are space-constrained, noise-sensitive, and require high efficiency and simple, reusable power solutions.

Key features of the EN5337QI include:

· 3 A continuous output current capability
· Wide input voltage range of 2.375 V to 5.5 V
· 92% peak efficiency
· Low voltage ripple and noise
· 5 MHz operating frequency, enabling small input and output capacitors
· Switching frequency can be phase locked to an external clock to eliminate or move unwanted beat frequencies out of band
· Protection features, including over-current protection, thermal shutdown and under-voltage lockout circuit

As with all of Enpirion’s products, the 3 A part was developed using advanced circuit techniques, ultra-high switching frequency, and proprietary integrated-inductor technology. The result is a highly-efficient, low-noise power solution that consists of very few parts and is extremely easy for developers to use – attributes that Enpirion has become well-known for in the industry.

“Enpirion has the technology edge, the flexibility, and the commitment to market solutions with smaller footprint, lower parts count, and higher speed at competitive BOM cost,” according to a report by the Power Sources Manufacturers Association. “They are leading the industry at providing PwrSoC product. Enpirion has a definite technology-leading edge in designing and developing PwrSoCs, as well as in inductor technology.”(PSMA Market and Technology Report, “Power Supply in a Package and Power Supply on a Chip,” February 2008, pg. 206).

Pricing & Availability

The EN5337QI is available now, and pricing is set at $2.50 for quantities of 1000 parts. A datasheet, application notes and product photos are available at

About Enpirion

Enpirion is the leading provider of power supply on a chip (PwrSoCs), delivering breakthrough power density, low noise, high performance, and ease of use. Enpirion utilizes a fabless manufacturing model and partners with the industry's leading assembly and test houses to provide the highest degree of quality and reliability. Enpirion's products are designed into a broad range of demanding applications including server platforms, enterprise storage, wireless broadband, consumer electronics, smart phones, telecommunications equipment and more.

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