EPCOS : EMC filters offer high attenuation

With the new B84771A*, B84771C* and B84771M* series of IEC inlet filters EPCOS now offers compact filter solutions that cost-effectively combine an IEC connector with an EMC filter. Despite their space-saving design, they have very good symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation properties. The series covers currents from 1 A to 15 A at a rated voltage of 250 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

The IEC inlet filters are available with or without a discharge resistor. The B84771M* series features a leakage current not exceeding 2 mA. This makes it particularly suitable for applications requiring a low leakage current, such as in medical equipment. All the filters were designed for a climatic category of up to 85 °C and are RoHS-compatible. ENEC, UL and cUL approvals are pending.

The applications of the new IEC connector filters include measurement and medical equipment, as well as IT systems and SMPS, electronic POS systems, games consoles and fitness equipment. Samples and small quantities of these filters are available from stock.

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