EPCOS : PFC capacitors are designed to be rugged

EPCOS has developed an especially rugged new series of PFC capacitors. They are based on MKV technology and are distinguished by their high temperature tolerance and long operating life. The capacitors of the B25836B*A305 series are available for voltages of between 400 and 800 V at 50/60 Hz. Their reactive power ranges between 5 and 30 kvar. The inrush current can be up to 500 times the rated current, the surge current capability is three times the rated current.

As stipulated by temperature class -40/D, they have a life expectancy of 300 000 hours. According to IEC 60831-1+/2, 50 000 switching operations per year are permissible when used in a detuned circuit and 20 000 without reactors.

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