Epsilon Ushers in New Era of Bandwidth Trading

eCX platform and portal creates marketplace for efficient asset monetization; capacity trades to be completed within hours, not weeks

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CHICAGO, May 14, 2012

CHICAGO , May 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Epsilon today announces the launch of Epsilon Capacity Exchange (eCX), a new industry leading bandwidth trading platform.  Initially, the service will be available to more than 400 network operators worldwide who are currently pre-connected to the Epsilon Global Network Exchange.  eCX will establish a viable real-time market and trading mechanism, allowing capacity surpluses and shortages to be addressed, thereby successfully delivering fast and efficient asset monetization for network operators.

Acting as an independent capacity broker, Epsilon has created a market-making service that will enable network operators to effectively monetise slack or spare capacity; and service providers to buy flexibility for scaling, protecting, and even providing temporary services.

Andreas Hipp , CEO at Epsilon, comments, “Today's telecoms services have to be both lean and agile.  The customary methods of brokering deals can saddle operators with slack capacity while starving fast moving players hungry for extra bandwidth. A true trading system for buying and selling capacity will eliminate these inefficiencies, to everyone's benefit. This is what Epsilon has set out to achieve. We have ensured that all legal, commercial and technical prerequisites for real-time bandwidth trading are now in place; global connectivity, SLA and contract agreements, real-time inventory and trading and, of course, market independence.

“Against a historical background of high profile failures, bandwidth trading is controversial for many. But we're not going back to the 90s; instead, we are reinventing bandwidth trading for a new era.”

Leaning on its carrier-neutral position and leveraging its Global Network Exchange, which connects over 350 wholesale customers and 50 suppliers at 60 points of presence around the world, Epsilon is uniquely positioned to offer a platform that will execute trades and deliver a bandwidth service almost instantly to benefit both buyers and sellers.

Epsilon has developed a pragmatic and pre-agreed legal trading framework, worked with its partners to define standardised capacity 'products', and designed and implemented the rich, front-end user interface, trading engine and inventory management platforms that power the service.

The service will be delivered by the eCX trading platform and portal, and facilitated by the Epsilon Global Network Exchange (eGNE). It incorporates:

  1. Standardised assets for trade
  2. A real-time inventory of assets and routes (self-administered by sellers)
  3. A pricing and trading engine providing a complete market view to buyers
  4. An automated, online procurement option
  5. A simplified and standardised set of trading processes and rules
  6. A market place of 400 pre-connected buyers and sellers at launch

Tim Stronge , analyst at market research firm TeleGeography, comments, “Although bandwidth trading has had a chequered past, its potential to bring benefit to the industry has not gone unnoticed or debated in recent years. With this new platform, Epsilon certainly has the potential to create a real market of buyers and sellers – we'll be following it with interest.”

Hipp concludes, “eCX is a significant innovation that has the real potential to benefit all corners of the wholesale industry. Our Global Network Exchange is the key to bringing together large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. Given that inherent scale, and the interest already expressed within that community, we are confident that there is the necessary 'liquidity' to make this a success today. eCX is the means to transact those deals quickly, easily and at minimal cost.”

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