Epson’s digital video encoding LSI is compatible with NTSC and PAL systems

Munich, Germany : Seiko Epson has announced the S1D13746 , a digital video encoding LSI. The product can easily be added on to digital video systems and was created in response to demand for TV output in the embedded market. With built-in display buffer, high performance DAC, programmable filter and rotation function necessary for TV output, the S1D13746 enables the production of high-quality TV output systems at low cost. To equip applications with a TV output, special components, tailored to the requirements of the target market, need to be designed. To allow worldwide usage, the two most important TV formats PAL and NTSC are supported. Outputs for S-Video and for Composite Sync are supported. These differ in the number of channels used: with an S-Video output, the brightness and color information is transmitted on separate channels, whereas with the Composite-Sync output, they are on a shared channel. This results in a better quality for the S-Video signal. In this case, 2 DACs have to be implemented.

Since the new LSI is also compatible with wide screen formats and macro vision protection, it is suitable for a range of TV applications. Conventional video encoding LSIs have to input digital video data compliant with ITU-R BT656 or ITU-R BT601 standards, but as the S1D13746 is connected directly to the system bus and LCD interface it can be added on to a variety of systems, regardless of CPU type, to easily achieve TV output functions. Epson regards the embedded market at which this product is aimed as an important target market and will work to develop an even more comprehensive product line-up in response to customer needs. The S1D13746 is the first chip on the market; several versions are under development at the moment.

Epson Europe GmbH , Munich, Germany.

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