Epson’s ICs make building Internet cameras simple

Munich, Germany — The latest addition to Epson Europe Electronics GmbH's line-up of network camera controller ICs feature a built-in JPEG encoder and camera interface, enabling users to easily and inexpensively build a network camera simply by connecting a camera module to the controller.

Epson's S1S65010 was developed based on the S1S65000, which is currently in production, but supports 2-megapixel cameras and high-speed (30 fps in VGA mode) video display.

The recently developed S1S65010 provides support for Internet cameras. The new controller does so by enabling support for a high-speed frame rate (30 fps in VGA mode), 2-megapixel cameras, and I²S audio interface. In tandem with the system developers who have pledged to continue steadfast support in the form of software, hardware, and applications development for the latest network camera controller, Epson will work to provide strong backup for customer network equipment development.

Committed to providing total solutions for the accelerating home electronics networking market, Epson is further enhancing the functionality of its network controllers. It is doing so by, for example, supporting faster speeds, IPv6, and IPSec, and by combining them with short-range wireless modules and other types of wireless devices.

Product Overview

  • Functions as a PC-less Internet camera controller
  • Compatible with S1S65000 pin configuration and upwardly compatibility with S1S65000 software
  • Supports a frame rate of 30 fps in VGA mode as a network camera
  • Supports a variety of camera modules with capacities up to 2 megapixels
  • JPEG compression performed by hardware JPEG encoder (ISO 10918 compliant)
  • Controls can be set over a network
  • Image files can be sent by email
  • Saves energy with wake-up mode, for periodically starting, recording, and stopping
  • Compact Flash interface supports wireless LAN interface (802.11b)
  • One-chip solution realizes low system costs
  • Built-in 50-MHz ARM720T, Rev. 4.2 (with 8KB cache)

Click here for the S1S65010 data sheet.

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