ESD chip protects systems using high-speed ports

Milpitas, Calif.—California Micro Devices has expanded its XtremeESD family with a device that is the first to employ its PicoGuard XS ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection architecture.

PicoGuard XS enables XtremeESD devices to provide high signal integrity and robust ESD protection for high speed differential signals such as DisplayPort and HDMI. By integrating inductors with the ESD protection diodes, the PicoGuard XS architecture eliminates the need for external compensation to match line impedance, reducing design complexity and cost.

The first PicoGuard XS product is the CM1233-08DE, offering 8 channels of robust ESD protection. It provides protection for four pairs of differential channels, offering ESD protection to IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 ±8kV contact discharge. System designers can easily meet the 100 Ohm differential impedance requirements of HDMI and DisplayPort using these devices, with no external compensation required.

Compared with ESD diode arrays, the CM1233-08DE offers a 40% reduction in peak clamping voltage and 15-40% reduction in peak residual current, according to CMD.

The CM1233 is available in a 16 lead TDFN package.

Pricing: $0.57 each at 1,000 units.
Availability: Sampling with full production this quarter.
Datasheet: click here.

California Micro Devices Corp.,

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