Ethernet I/O units feature a 64-channel 16-bit A/D interface

Acromag has released an analog input module for their
EtherStax series of rugged Ethernet I/O.  Designed
for distributed I/O and SCADA applications, the ES2163 and ES2164
models perform 16-bit A/D conversion on up to 64 single-ended DC
current or voltage inputs, respectively, and interface the signals to
Ethernet devices or controllers with Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol
communication. Fast scanning updates all 64 channels in less than 10ms.
An embedded web page provides setup menus to reduce
programming time. 

Two models support a variety of I/O ranges and offer
signal processing functions for around $45/channel. The ES2163 accepts
DC current with +/-20mA, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA input ranges. ES2164 units
accept +/-5V or +/-10V ranges. The 64 channels are organized into eight
8-channel scan groups. The first 8-channel group can deliver updates in
just 1.8mS to achieve maximum scan rates of over 500Hz. Each additional
8-channel group adds only 1.2ms to the update time. A user-configurable
sample averaging capability helps improve accuracy and cancel out noise
effects. The integration/totalization function has non-volatile
registers to safely store

Numerous features help increase reliability, improve performance, and
protect from harsh industrial environments. Dual network ports support
10/100Base-TX copper and 100Base-FX fiber-optic connections with a
redundant communication path for critical applications. Dual DC power
terminals enable use of redundant power sources. A failsafe relay
provides alarm output on a power or link-loss failure. Continuous 250V
AC (354V DC) isolation ” with a peak 1500V AC rating ” safely separates
I/O signals from the power, relay, and Ethernet ports. The compact,
stackable aluminum enclosure resists shock and vibration making it
ideal for mounting directly on machinery. Multiple units are stackable
in a space-saving 8 x 7″ footprint. An open board version is available
for custom mounting.

An internal isolated dual-port Ethernet switch provides dual-path
communication redundancy with support of STP, RSTP, and any proprietary
ring redundancy schemes. EtherStax units can operate as remote slave
devices or communicate independently between units (i.e. peer-to-peer).
Ten Modbus TCP/IP sockets allow simultaneous communication with
multiple masters.

The stackable, high-density packaging enables installation of
nearly 400 I/O points across a 19″ rack. A high-strength aluminum
enclosure gives IP20 protection with 50g shock and 5g vibration
resistance. This rugged design is ideal for mounting on DIN rails,
walls, or directly on machinery. Plug-in terminal blocks offer easy
installation and servicing. A stackable open board version (no housing)
is lightweight and simplifies mounting in alternative enclosures with
lower costs for OEMs and system integrators.

EtherStax I/O are designed for high-reliability operation.
Units feature 1500Vrms isolation with surge protection to increase
performance and minimize downtime. The isolation separates power,
relay, I/O, and individual Ethernet ports. Industrial-grade specs
include extended -40 to 70C operating temperatures for low power, high
efficiency, fan-less designs. Redundant DC power input with internal
diode coupling delivers a “bump-less” transfer to the backup power
source. A hardware watchdog timer can send outputs to a failsafe state
or hold the last value if there is a communication failure. Failsafe
SPST 5A fault relays provide local alarming, notification, or shutdown
if network communication or power fail.

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