Ethertronics shrinks GPS antennas to achieve world’s smallest footprint

If you are looking to add GPS functionality to your next portable device design, the new Savvi™ from Ethertronics is definitely worth a closer look. Typical GPS designs use a patch antenna, on the order of 15x15mm or 25x25mm. The design team at Ethertronics decided to see how small they could go with an embedded ceramic antenna. Using their in-house Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology, the team has achieved a 4 x 2 x 1.08mm design weighing in at 0.2 grams. This new embedded ceramic antenna is designed for integration into small form factor devices such as GPS-enabled mobile phones, personal media players, and navigation equipment.

The team at Ethertronics has been working in GPS antennas for years, with initial work being done with Qualcomm as far back as 2000. GPS patch antennas are usually circularly-polarized, but the new Ethertronics device is linearly polarized. “In most real-life operating situations, a highly efficient linearly-polarized antenna will meet or beat the performance of a patch antenna,” says Rick Segil, Ethertronics' Chief Operating Officer.

Designed to operate at 1.575 GHz, the antenna features efficiency of 58 percent with an operating bandwidth greater than 40MHz at a -7dB return-loss figure. The new antennas are sampling now, with production ramping up in 30 days. Ethertronics' Savvi Line also includes the following ceramic antennas: WLAN, WiMAX, PCS/WiMAX, compact and standard Bluetooth, standard GPS, and compact GPS/Bluetooth combined.

Click here for the datasheet.

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