Ethicon Endo-Surgery Launches ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw First Bi-Polar Advanced Energy Technology Designed to Improve Surgeon Confidence in Tissue Affect

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NORDERSTEDT, Germany, July 20, 2011

NORDERSTEDT, Germany , July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

First Advanced Bipolar Energy Innovation That Offers Surgeons
Strong Seals, While Remaining Gentle on Tissue

To address surgeons' need for achieving strong vessel seals
while remaining gentle on tissue in open surgery, Ethicon
Endo-Surgery (EES) today announces the launch of its innovative
ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw advanced bipolar technology.
 The new technology is designed with proprietary I-BLADE®
technology to deliver high uniform compression for sealing vessels
consistently along the length of the 40mm curved jaw. Other bipolar
devices rely solely on the force of initial jaw closure to provide
compression – which results in a fall-off in force from the
proximal to the distal end of the jaws and may lead to bleeding at
the tip of the jaw. ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw is designed for
open surgical procedures such as colorectal, gynecological and
general surgery.  

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“Surgeons need to be able to control heat and have effective
seal compression from their advance energy devices while at the
same time respecting the tissue,” said Dr. Clyde Neal
[1] , FACS FASCRS FACG, Professor of
Surgery, Temple University
. “Until the ENSEAL® G2
Super Jaw, this was not possible with large jaw energy devices.
 Surgeons now have a technology that is strong on providing
consistent compression through the seal and isgentle on
tissue. There is no longer a need to compromise.”

ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw is gentle on tissue because it is designed
to control temperature at the device-tissue interface. A polymer
compound within the jaw uses Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)
technology to modulate energy flow. It maintains a constant
temperature of approximately 100 degrees Celsius, minimizing tissue
sticking, charring and smoke. In addition, ENSEAL® G2
Super Jaw's offset electrode design focuses and contains energy
within the jaws and minimizes thermal spread to approximately
1mm.  Other bipolar devices do not have the PTC and offset
electrode technologies for minimizing energy spread into
surrounding tissue.

About Ethicon Endo-Surgery Advanced

Ethicon Endo-Surgery is a leader in advanced energy solutions
and offers the broadest portfolio of ultrasonic energy devices
using HARMONIC® technology and advanced bipolar energy
devices using ENSEAL® technology.

HARMONIC® ultrasonic devices combine precision and
multifunctionality: With a jaw and blade uniquely designed for
precise dissection, sealing and transection, one device enables
surgeons to perform multiple jobs without instrument exchanges.

ENSEAL® advanced bipolar devices are strong on
sealing, yet gentle on tissue. With complete and strong seals, the
I-BLADE® delivers uniform compression across the entire
length of the jaw and seal strength that withstands up to seven
times normal systolic pressure[ 2] .  

About Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a Johnson & Johnson company, develops
and markets advanced medical devices for minimally invasive and
open surgical procedures, focusing on procedure-enabling devices
for the interventional diagnosis and treatment of conditions in
general and bariatric surgery, as well as gastrointestinal health,
gynecology and surgical oncology.

1. Dr. Ellis is a consultant for Ethicon Endo-Surgery

2. Tested in porcine carotid arteries. Normal systolic = 120mm
Hg. Data on file.

SOURCE Ethicon Endo-Surgery EMEA

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