Euclid Discoveries Expands Public Information About Company’s Video Compression Technology on its New Website

CONCORD, Mass. , May 25 /PRNewswire/ — Euclid Discoveries, a leading developer of video compression technologies, today announced its new website,

The new site represents a significant step forward in providing publicly available, detailed information about the company's technology and intellectual property portfolio.

Since 2003, Euclid Discoveries has been dedicated to identifying, developing and reducing to practice new video processing technologies in a form that is commercially viable. The new video processing techniques developed by Euclid leverage the industry's current investments in state of the art compression technology (including MPEG-4 Part 10/H.264), adding new gains in processing capabilities and compression rates from higher-level modeling.

EuclidVision™, a next generation video processing and compression technology, extends the block-based compression paradigm to take advantage of features and objects in the video. These features and objects provide a foothold for engaging more advanced modeling, bridging the macroblocks of conventional compression to feature modeling and object modeling techniques.

The team's research and development has culminated in the eFLEX™ codec prototype. This prototype brings forward an integrated set of EuclidVision technologies into a single package, showing the effectiveness of these techniques on all video types. eFLEX blends current video compression standards, in the form of H.264, and EuclidVision technology.

Until now, the company has concentrated on protecting its advancements and investing heavily in securing patent protections on its intellectual property.

With the development of eFLEX, and having secured patent protection for its most critical technical advancements, the company is now prepared to provide extensive technical information for public review.

“We are excited to have reached the stage of the company's life cycle to be ready and able to more publicly disclose our technology advancements,” said Richard Wingard , CEO of Euclid Discoveries. “With our intellectual property secured through extensive patent protection, and the deployment of the eFLEX prototype codec, we are ready for the world to see Euclid's breakthrough research that brings together and advances the fields of video compression, Computer Vision, Image Understanding, and Pattern Recognition.”

Included on the website is the complete patent portfolio, video examples of EuclidVision in action, and the company's Disposition Report of P2 – a specific implementation of the technology.

About Euclid Discoveries

Euclid Discoveries is a research and development company for next generation video processing and compression technology. The company's patent protected video compression technology, EuclidVision™, is based on MPEG-4 and incorporates Computer Vision and Image Understanding algorithms to achieve significantly higher compression levels without loss of visual quality. Euclid's advancements provide the groundwork and example for future applications in the areas of video compression, storage, archival, and search. For more information on Euclid Discoveries, please visit


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