European Commission: PAY.ONs routing gateway ‘PayPipe’ provides required variety of cross-border payment options

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MUNICH, May 10, 2012

MUNICH , May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

In response to the European Commission´s Green Paper 'Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments', the 'Ecommerce Europe' association demands a broader range of payment systems. Most of all bottlenecks appear in the availability of cross-border payment systems, especially in online banking. Therefore the association calls for more innovation. With the global routing gateway 'PayPipe', the processing provider PAY.ON offers already a ready-made solution that provides cross-border online payments quickly and easy. Via 'PayPipe', payment market participants have also a direct access to more than 100 international and European payment methods.

According to 'Ecommerce Europe', the major obstacle to eCommerce growth is that consumers in the single European market are not offered enough alternative, supranational online payment methods. According to PAY.ON, this point of view falls to short, because it does not take into account long-year shopper expectations. According to PAY.ON, it is with regard to the check-out conversion rate of benefit that shop owners offer all respective domestic payment methods the shopper is used to and trusted in. In the background, the payment service provider has to provide each shop a simple and flexible global payment solution from a single source. Payment providers which are connected to 'PayPipe' offer their online shops a direct access to more than 100 international payment methods – including European online payment methods. This way, online shops could match the requirement of their foreign customers – simply and swiftly – over one interface.

“PayPipe” is a routing gateway for global payment that connects payment service providers, acquirers, risk management providers and other financial institutions over only one API – including also Europe , of course. 'PayPipe' is one of the largest routing gateways of its kind. More than 100 different international payment methods are ready for connection. “PayPipe” covers all requirements – including nearly all alternative and region-specific payment methods. In identifying the appropriate methods and partners clients are supported by the 'PayPipe' management teams specifically.

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PAY.ON AG is the world's leading provider for web-based payment infrastructure services and provider of the payment processing platform 'PaySourcing' (white-label payment gateway) as well as of the routing gateway 'PayPipe'. 'PaySourcing' allows clients to outsource all relevant eCommerce-typical payment and risk management processes into the cloud or to become a payment service provider in a cost-, time- and resource-saving way. 'PayPipe' is a high-performance routing gateway, which connects payment market participants worldwide by using only one API. 'PayPipe' accelerates the global availability for all market participants like no other network. Accordingly, transactions are processed in all payment methods in any currency across all systems. Every PAY.ON system is PCI-DSS certified and therefore compliant with the international payment standards and requirements. For more information, visit:

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